eCAP welcomes European Commission plan to open a Horizon Europe Office in Ukraine

We applaud the announcement of the European Commission on the opening of a Horizon Europe programme office in Kyiv mid-2023, which will provide support to the National Contact Points across Ukraine and strengthen research and innovation networks between Ukrainian and European institutions. The key tasks of the office will include providing targeted support to researchers, monitoring the implementation of cooperation projects and raising awareness about success stories.  

eCAP is honoured to be one of the 48 Horizon Europe projects signed in 2022 that involves a consortium partner from Ukraine. Olymed is a private gastroenterology and endoscopy clinic in Kyiv and serves a critical role in the eCAP project as they will be performing a pivotal clinical study to evaluate the overall function of the eCAP device in a real-life setting. In combination with studies ran in France and Kenya, the consortium believes this will validate the universality of the solution in a cross-border setting and ensure eCAP smart capsule is accessible to patients not only in Ukraine, but also across the globe.

Find out more on the role of Olymed in eCAP here and the Horizon Europe programme office in Ukraine here.

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