eCAP – improving the outcomes of GERD patients in Europe and beyond

Gastrointestinal diseases, which range from functional problems to cancers, are among the most common medical ailments across the globe.

1.2 bilion people
globally are affected by GERD, with prevalence growing in all regions of the world
of GERD cases are accurately diagnosed

Many digestive diseases are difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are vague and variable. Moreover, currently available diagnostic tools require highly skilled interpretation and high set-up cost.
eCAP smart capsule, implanted by minimally invasive techniques, will allow gastrointestinal physiology monitoring for a longer, controlled period of time.
With the inclusion of accurate real-time patient experience data and interpretation guided by Artificial Intelligence, GERD diagnostics will be cheaper, faster, and more robust.

Expected impact of eCAP

Improved patient outcomes

achieved through timely and accurate diagnosis

Enhanced access to digestive disease diagnostics and care

enabled by decreased cost of equipment and expertise required from the physician for data interpretation

Decreased care costs

on the patient and system level

Patient empowerment

supported by user-friendly medical devices and inclusion of patient-reported symptoms in diagnosis