Launch of training activities in Kenya at the Second International Congress on Innovation for Global Surgery – ICIGS 2023

One of the key features eCAP consortium strives for in designing its smart capsule is affordability and universality to enable global access to reflux disease diagnostics and care. To that effect, local partners from Europe and Africa are involved in the project to provide input regarding the different clinical environments and user needs. Moreover, the project includes clinical trials in France, Ukraine and Kenya, with five Kenyan hospitals or out-patient clinical centres to be involved in eCAP clinical validation in year four of the project. In preparation of the studies, eCAP organises dedicated workshops to train local practitioners.

Last week, eCAP partners Adrian Park (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore) and Lee Swanstrom (IHU-Strasbourg) were invited guests of Professor Pankaj Jani of the Operating Theatre Practitioners Association of Kenya (OTPAK) and the Surgical Society of Kenya (SSK). They participated in a workshop in flexible endoscopy at the 2nd International Congress on Innovation for Global Surgery (ICIGS) and conducted a parallel session on eCAP project and the upcoming clinical trial in Kenya. Attended by 45 clinicians across the country, the hands-on session was devoted to training in endoscopic procedures, such as capsule implantation.

The eCAP session totalled 25 participants who all expressed interest in being considered eCAP study directors. ICIGS congress initiated the process of upskilling the practitioners, which will expand the project impact beyond eCAP capsule. Through practice-oriented training, a cohort of local clinicians will be ready to provide improved care for digestive disease in Kenya where opportunities for diagnostics are currently limited, despite increasing prevalence of gastrointestinal disease.

We thank the participants and look forward to continuing the journey commenced in Mombasa!

Flexible endoscopy workshop at ICIGS 2023

Professor Pankaj Jani (OTPAK) at the flexible endoscopy workshop at ICIGS 2023

Second International Congress on Innovation for Global Surgery – ICIGS 2023

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