Sharing knowledge on innovations in digestive disease: introductory meeting with AICE Project

This week, eCAP partners were glad to discuss the innovation unfolding in the landscape of gastrointestinal disease with another Horizon Europe project – AICE. Similar to eCAP, AICE consortium intends to increase the efficiency of the current clinical pathway by deploying AI for fast and accurate diagnosis of digestive disease.

AICE is centred around AI-supported image analysis in large bowel camera capsule endoscopy. The project target is validating AI algorithms for future implementation of large-scale routine diagnostics in picture analysis and developing a flexible and secure system for data storage and handling. The consortium is made up of 12 partners and led by the region of Southern Denmark.

We look forward to further sharing of best practices to maximise the benefit these disruptive digital health solutions can bring to patients and clinicians alike!


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